Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot in the City, Hot in the City Today and Night, plus Father's Day...

Today is supposed to get up to 100 in Denver and most of the CO metro area.  Damn!!!   In my opinion, 80 degrees would be the maximum temperature I'd like in a day, but can live with 90 if there is a pool or some cool ocean breeze nearby.  Unfortunately, I only get that option for a week every year or every other year when we take a vacation to FL.  Hopefully I can get my bottom out of bed early 2 or 3x this week and get my runs in.

So Sunday started the real hot unbearable weather after a nice day Saturday.  I woke up at 5:45 Sunday morning after sleeping poorly.  My family stays at my mother-in-laws on Friday or Saturday night to spend some time with my mother-in-law which I believe I've touched on before.  After getting some water in me and getting my stuff in order (which included my new/old freebie running belt from uncle), I quietly went out through the back to try not to wake anyone (though our treat seeking beagle had already got his morning started with me).  It was a cool morning and I knew I should savor it since the rest of the day and run would not be fun.  I took off not knowing exactly how I was going to get to my final destination of Westminster City Park but knowing I wanted to get there.  I decided to go straigh on Lowell from 120th.  I knew there was not a path that connected right away but knew there would be one eventually.  I was just hoping for a way to cross without having to go through the Big Dry Creek Ditch.  Forunately I quickly found the path and a way to do so.  I hadn't been the only person that had crossed that field (not sure what person was last since I only some a couple bike tracks that were faint and dried in the path I found).  By the time I got to my point where I interesected with the path, a sign read 2.0 miles to City Park (remember Westminster).  Unfortunately there was 2-forks in the path and I didn't know which was the one I should take.  I took the one that headed west rather than back north.  The trail I went on was sandy and hardly used.  Hmmm, well anyhow, things were going well.  I had a female runner that was probably running at my marathon pace or just slightly under that was ahead about 100 to 200 yards that allowed me to realize I was keeping a good long running pace.  Just as the underpass to Sheridan wasn't far away, I saw her stop dead in her tracks.  It was curious because she looked like she was trying to run pretty good pace and probably do 4-5 miles since I didn't see any water she was carrying.  Right before I got up to her, I could see something on the path and realized she had stopped for a snake.  This snake was probably over 5 feet long and didn't appear to be as fat as a bullsnake, but I am not sure what it was.  I saw its pattern briefly as I ran by him and he was a few feet off the path as I was on the other side.  Just glad someone else spotted it and was near or I may have mistaked it for a stick until it freaked the shit out of me.  Then I would have had to run with a great big bowl of chocolate pudding in my running short underpants.

Well, the run to City Park the rest of the way was uneventful.  I was glad to finally get there as I could feel the sun starting to pick up its intensity.  I ran back the first mile and a half pretty fast, then I came to find out I did take the wrong trail and went College Trail next to FRCC instead of staying on Big Dry Creek earlier.  I decided it was about the same distance and went back the way I came from, especially since I had a water bottle I had placed there knowing my G2 wouldn't be what my body wanted the rest of the way and because I don't like to leave trash.  I decided to not cut through the field again and took the route back I knew from the map and driving by it and running by parts of it these last few months.  Knee pain started with about 2 miles to go but it was minor and less than last week so I kept going.  There were a lot more people out on the way back.  A lot of "good mornings", but mainly from walkers.  Bikers seem to be the unfriendliest group out of the bunch I see.  I got home and felt good and felt acheived.  Unfortunately, I had not taken a key expecting someone to be downstairs.  I decided to relax on the deck after a couple light knocks.  I knew my mother-in-law was up and would be down soon with Sully, her rescued Airedale, bounching around upstairs.  She was down shortly after as expected and I came in to hear my little Sophie up and about in her room in Home 2.  She had a big smile on her face with Grandma, Mommy and Daddy being there.  She gave me a big hug and kiss and wished me Happy Father's Day.  It was a great start to Father's Day for me but a huge hole was in my in-law sides heart and mine as well since this was the first Father's Day without their dad.  It was also another year I had gone without communicating with my dad other than when I let him know about Zane's death.

Still, we all got together later to be around each other as a family after deciding no one really felt like going out for breakfast.  I enjoyed a very good Strawberry Smoothie my mother-in-law made after my wife and mother-in-law went for a walk and Sophie and I enjoyed an hour alone at the playground and playing at the house.  After showering off the crazy morning and a mall run for the 3 of us, we headed back to Home 2.

When we got back, we grilled chicken and brat sized hot dogs and ate other BBQ type foods.   We sat outside and it was hot, 97ish.  I then had an epic watergun fight with my brother-in-laws, Barry, stepson.  He gave me the hose and the best water gun and I doused him repeatedly.  He seemed to really be enjoying it.  I would not have.  We got home in time to lay Sophie down and then my wife and I just layed down and relaxed until we decided to shower.

Yesterday's 100 degrees was just not fun.  Yet, it was a productive day when I got home.  I unfortunately had Sophie decide to bounce in my lap and put her full 29 lbs directly on one of my "Ahems".  It still hurts and is the worse pain I have felt in quite some time.  I thought my running would be my injury but it's a playful 3-yr old having fun with daddy that took care of it.

I miss my Father-in-law.  He was my in-laws rock and I knew the man half my life and he did so much for our family of 3.  He absolutely loved his grand daughter and was so happy.  I was singing I'm On Fire while cleaning the garage with my wife last night for some reason, but the lyrics ring too true and I immediately felt bad for singing it.  She knew it too.  She asked if I forget he's gone sometime. I don't forget but I realize it immediately when I think of him or hear something that reminds me of him that while he was stubborn and not the easiest guy to get along with at times, he wanted you to succeed and help you out with things and be there for you and ultimately love you.  I/We love you Zane.

I also miss my dad and he's alive but many miles away.  Unfortunately I also don't miss him.  I have made the choice not to talk to him because of things he said about my parenting skills, my family and how he acts in general.  Maybe some day soon when I can finally just call and lay it out and hope he realizes his wrongs and we come to being friendly again, just not now.  I love him, he's my dad and there are a lot of good memories.  Unfortunately, the bad memories and things he says is not healthy for a relationship with him.

Back to sunnier times, it's still hot today.  I got a nice little 4 miler in this morning.  My brother and wife and two kids are all in town.  I am super excited to see them and especially him.  He and I have always been close even though we've spent over 10 years apart from each other with him living in NC and only seeing each other a couple times a year.  He helped jump kick me into wanting to improve my life and my uncle has been a good coach and my wife has been really supportive, even when asking if I plan on getting to Christian Bale weight in The Machinist LOL, allowing me to get runs in even when they don't fit the best time wise into a day.  It should be a good week.  I am too busy at work to take more than a couple hours off here and there and a day off Monday but it should be fun!!

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