Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My first new training run...

My genius mathematical and multiple marthon running Uncle/marathon coach/friend/etc. devised a run he has been doing that combines the Marathon-M, Tempo-T, Long-L, and Y-Yasso  run into one.  He calls it the MTY, I call it the MTLY but essentially it is a good way to get used to all 4 of these runs that a runner uses throughout their training.  So my paces based off my 5k and 10k races at the end of May are as follows:

Yasso/fast 5k-8:30/mile or 4:15 for the 800m Yasso

This week I did this run as my first run because it just worked best w/ my schedule (learnign to adapt my runs to my schedule, but trying not to go 2 days in a row with inactivity) to where I'd prefer to get a warm-up 4 miler (usually around marathon pace) in first.  The MTY is 2 miles marathon, followed by 1 mile Tempo, then 1/2 mile Long and 1/2 mile Yasso.  I ran my marathon in the set time and got to the track (I hate running in the oval of the track thus why I probably have never ran over a mile on a track before and try to keep my runs from going to a point and back because I don't enjoy the same over and over of them, like treadmills).  It was dark and windy when I got there, but the 2 mile run helped warm-up my legs.  I pushed my Tempo at 8:47, which would probably be what I could run a 10k/15k in around August but right now, probably not based off my 8:59 for the Bolder Boulder.  I then ran my Yasso at 3:45 (7:30/mile) after a long run where I was right on pace.  I ran 8:00/miles for my 5k and believe I could run a 7:45 pace in around August also but I pushed it much too fast and was not on my pace.  I think there is something about a track that my body says, run faster than what you would on the road.  All that said, my legs feel great today and the run was not bad.  I think I'll have to be a little smarter and get a head lamp or run in the morning for those runs because there are snakes and other things that could be lurking with that track so close to open space.  The track is almost like a trail with loose rock so it felt good rather than some asphalt or concrete covered by a spongy surface so it was great to run.  I did a nice mile back to my house and slept like a rock after a shower and cooling down for 30 minutes or so.

A question my Aunt asked was Am I enjoying it?  That is the perfect question to ask someone if they are trying to lose weight or get back in shape and ultimately change their life.  If the answer is no, there needs to be some other outlet to help with those things.  I can honestly say, I have loved this experience and believe this will be part of my life.  Until I do my 2-1/2 marathons (August and December) and the ultimate goal (as of right now) of the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February 2013, I don't know if it will be more than what I am doing now in the long run, but 15-20+ miles a week I can see myself doing for years to come.  I already know I'll be doing the Bolder Boulder again next year and plan to be at least a minute per mile faster by then.  Another goal is the Colfax or Colorado Marathon, but once again I need to see how much of a beating my brain and body take doing my first.  Baby Steps to the marathon as they'd say in What About Bob?. 

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