Thursday, July 5, 2012

Unhealthy but Healthy???

I started this blog last week and I am glad I took a few days to cool off about it.  First let me say that I am proud of what I have accomplished in just 4 months.  I went from being 205 lbs to 170 lbs.  My pant size is probably a 32 after a snug sized 36.  My shirts are loose and the part of my closet that was off limits is now on limits.  Unfortunately most of my closet was for a 185-210 person, so all the polos I enjoyed wearing are now a little large and don't look as good.  My button up shirts and dress pants that looked good on me at 195 are falling off.  My jawline is now a jawline.  I've burned the majority of fat that made me look "thick" but not obese.  I've been told my arms look smaller and I've lost strength.  Again, fat burned off muscle.  My arms lost strength over years of not lifting, not me suddenly lost 35 lbs.

So I'll admit, losing 30 lbs in less than 2.5 months (205 to 175 was rapid) is crazy.  People don't do that.  These people also haven't been aroud a sport for 20+ years of their life where you have or have seen athletes cut weight and maintain it for months by eating what they need to fuel their body.  I could afford it.  I was only burning up to 2000 calories in running in a week.  So, I pretty much ate similar to what I had when I lost 10 lbs in the past, but had a free day of calories burning off of me.  I did it safe, I ate well but it was definitely not 3 meals.

I have been at 168-175 since the beginning of June because I afford myself to eat 3 meals, to have dessert and to sneak in a beer or two a week.  I just have add excercise which allows me to lose a little more weight at a time.

So, to sum it up.  I am healthy.  I am eating more fruits and vegetables and consuming the amount of calories my body needs.  I drink between 64 and 128 oz of water a day to stay hydrated instead of that much in soda or some other liquids my body just soaked up those extra calories.  I eat better, I eat more, etc.  I appreciate concern, but I am happier and healthier than ever.  So friends, family and others that read this and have had those concerns, I feel amazing and am glad I have you in my life and I will so even longer by changing my life to a more healthy one.

I am not sure why others voice their concern over someone looking unhealthy losing weight but when a person gains 30 lbs they just say, you've put on a few or it's taboo to discuss.  Putting on 30 lbs is about 100x worse than your body than losing it.  I know because of the difference I have felt the last month and a half every day than when I had that weight on me.

On a side note, I was glad my brother was in town for part of last week and the week before.  I think it was a great opportunity for him to see that he is not far from where he needs to be but just needs to commit himself to push it like the competitor and great athlete he is and not to wait.  He got under 185 and I bet will be 175 before the end of August now that he has refocused and has the attitude I remember having 2.5 months ago when I knew I could ramp it up to get where I needed more quickly.  Go brother!

I had a really good 12 mile run this past week.  I meant to go 11, but my route went longer.  The long runs are definitely a mind game.  I see why people have issues in 1/2 marathons if they have only done 10 miles before and why even the great Olympians struggle at the end of marathons.  Your body and mind can tackle the world for and say you can do more than you planeed the first 1/2 of your run.  Then you start getting a little ache here or you start thinking, wow it's warm, I'm low on water since my hardest part of the run is ahead and I have less water, this was much easier the first 1/2, etc.  It has been hot here and I drank a lot of water on my long run and started saying I feel like it's already 90.  I am interested to see where I am at in just over 5 weeks when the Georgetown to Idaho Springs 1/2 marathon occurs.  Will I overdo it or start having my head chase thoughts that don't belong when you are pushing your body to beat your mind?  We'll see.

Well, the 4th was a good mid-week break yesterday.  I got my 2nd run in and the competitor in me came out.  I saw a runner in front of me by a 1/4 mile and knew she had a good pace, but felt if I increased mine I could pass her on my run.  It was a day to do my MTY so I modified it to push myself and I kicked it into my 5k pace early.  I caught up with her after a 1/2 mile from where I had spotted her ahead.  I think I could of spooked her since she did the funny jump I do when I run at night and a rabbit darts in front of me or wind whips something around me.  It was the fastest 5k run I had done and I finished it off with how I should my MTY by jogging 1/2 a mile and 5k Yasso the other 1/2.  It was the fastest 4 miles I had done and was a great start to my 4th.  It got me excited to help my mother-in-law do drywall, hang out with family (even though the air quality was awful from the winds blowing all the smoke from up north down) and enjoying Broomfield's JV fireworks to Northglenn's Varsity and Westminster's All-Star fireworks.  I am looking forward to the weekend.  Today was a long day and was confusing with the mid-week break. 

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