Friday, August 9, 2013

Most fun I've had on a run (Blame it on the Rain)...

Great start when your subject has Milli Vanilli in it. 

I ran around 8 miles yesterday 8/8.  Coincidence?  Actually yes!  My legs feel really good considering I did 50 miles last week and when I went out for this run I was just going out comfortable and not trying to do too much.  The first 3 miles were pretty boring running down 104th but when I turned around and started heading through Turnberry, it got more interesting.  The skies were darkening in many areas up north with the clouds heading towards me and there were 100s of people out in the neighborhood for a back to school night at the elementary there.  The parking situation looked pretty bad and I was glad I am still 12 months away from that.  Of course that makes me equally sad knowing my little baby is no longer one and is less than a year from back to school night!!!  Eek. Well, I felt great and hit a couple of sprints in my run through there.  I wasn't Dash from Incredibles fast but I felt good.  At Mile 5.5 it hit me, I need to get to King Soopers for a quick restroom break and oh those clouds look ominous and I better hurry because they are headed this way.

I got out a few minutes later and BIG FAT RAIN (yes, I just said that like Forrest Gump) was starting to hit the ground.  It wasn't heavy rain but it was good rain.  I was smiling ear to ear and enjoying the run the next 3/4 of a mile with the rain and the warmer temperatures.  It felt amazing and I felt in complete peace.  Then the rain became beyond heavy to flash flood worthy with a mile to go and I heard a huge crack of thunder and knew lightening strikes were within 1/2 a mile or so.  I think I sprinted up the little hill I've done 100 times the fastest I ever have.  At the top of that hill is another 1/2 mile to my house.  I was completely soaked, fortunately I decided to run with my pack so my phone was somewhat being kept from the elements.  I was exhausted when I got a few streets from the house and I could not find a place to run that didn't have at least an inch of running water.  The sidewalks were like little streams and the gutters were little creeks flowing at high levels.  The street my townhome is on had even more water and I finished my run up to the door drenched.  My clothes were dripping, my phone got a little wet (thank you Otterbox from keeping it from getting flooded) and I was exhausted.  My shoes were full of water and my socks could have been used to fuel for another two miles.  I decided to snap a picture of what it looked like the last mile of my run when I got my phone out and was able to snap this.  You can see the BIG FAT rain and the sidewalk stream and creek of the gutter.  It was a blast.  Felt great during the run and the ending made it exciting.

Going out for a 22 miler this weekend, have a 10 mile speed workout today and another 6-8 miles I'll throw in there somewhere.  Yeah, I procrastinated badly this week to get 50-55 miles in this week. 

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