Monday, August 17, 2015

Starting Over, It's Never Too Late!!!

I write this at my heaviest since I started running on March 5, 2012.   I weighed close to 210 on that date so I haven't let myself go but I weigh 190 and I haven't been that heavy since April of that year.  I cut 20 lbs quickly because I said, enough is enough.  I ran 4 miles with my Uncle on Friday to see where I was at.  It was like I had ran a 20 mile training run the following day.  My legs were sore, it hurt to walk and that was it.  I enjoyed my last beers (other than tailgating when CU football season begins) and enjoyed my last Santiago's breakfast burrito and pour eating.  I am done.  Today I will begin with a fasting where I only drink water and zero calorie things.  The rest of the week will be a lot of vegetables and some low calorie fruits with some other occasional grilled chicken and low calorie menu items but I don't plan on exceeding 1500 calories.  After being at my healthiest in February 2013 and keeping that healthy range through most of 2013, I let myself go in 2014 but managed a marathon at just under 180 and really let it continued into 2015.  The transition to a new house and every excuse in the book has got old.  It's time to take control.  I am evidence you don't have to stay fat your entire life but also evidence you can get fat faster than you can get fit.  So, while I have a lot on my docket over the next few months, I figure until I pass my PE, I can at least get in some LIFE running and start doing three 4 mile runs a week and add a longer weekend run as I build up my fitness.  By the time the first tailgate rolls around for CU on September 12, 2015 my goal is to be 180 and have about 75 miles on my legs. 

I have set a goal of running the Colfax Marathon in May 2016 and would like to break 4 hours and maybe get down to that 3:45 I have shot for and narrowly missed in Marathon #1 back in February 2013.  I will increase training starting in November but I need to build a base and lose about 15 lbs before I even think of running half a marathon let alone a full.  Time to get my shit back in order.  Maybe you should do the same if you are in similar boat that I am rowing?!