About Ace

I am a 31 year old father and husband that spent my years after high school yo-yoing between 185 lbs and 225 lbs with being more between the 190-210 range for those 13 years.

In March 2012, my brother began a LIFE challenge with my Uncle that I took part in.  The goal to shoot for was a marathon, but to change your LIFE as well.  I took that to heart and went from nearly 210 pounds to 160 pounds in less than a year.  I am a marathon runner and have not just became Physically better, but Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually as well, my MEPS!  I have MUCH to improve but every aspect of my LIFE has became better and running was the gateway drug to get there.

This blog will talk about my continued running to make my LIFE better.  If you are reading this and overweight or dealing with other issues and want to know how to make them better, run 4x a week for a month and tell me how you feel.  That first month I realized I had been missing out on more than my health.

I have now ran a marathon and seek my next!  Don't ever doubt your abilities to improve your LIFE!

Around 210, the day before my LIFE challenge began.
50 weeks (and pounds) later, 2 days after Marathon 1.

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