Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting back on that horse...

I have had a difficult time finding the drive to start running again since my marathon.  It's like my next planned marathon (either Steamboat in June or Colfax in May) is so far away I keep making excuses.  I was dealing with an abdominal wall strain during the first few weeks and since then I get out for a run or two a week.  Each time it is less easy to run how I want.

I am walking a half marathon distance with my mom on Sunday.  It will take us some time but I think it's the perfect thing to just unwind for a few hours and recharge my batteries.  We make excuses and don't take care of ourselves too often.  I am feeling that.  I fortunately have watched my weight stay under 165 but I need to run to stay fit.

I have enjoyed time with my family.  October is a very bad month for us.  My father-in-law was lost two years ago and I talked about it HERE.  My wife and in-law family are a strong bunch of people but their rock will forever be gone and an early loss of life is never easy.  It has also been nice to enjoy a football season after spending last year very much wrapped around my love for running. 

So I will get back on that horse to running 25-50 miles a week but I have enjoyed my family time, CU and Broncos football, the circus, recharging the batteries and enjoying life.  A nice long walk with my mom will be a good start to getting on that running horse.

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