Monday, September 24, 2012

It's time to Ramp (clap) it up...

Yes, I said it like the old SNL skit with Hans and Frans with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon.  This week is the start of 5 days a week of running.  It also signifies 21 weeks of training left before I become an official marathoner and not just one in training.

I am not going to lie.  I am excited.  I am ready.  I ran 11 miles, almost 12 according to Nike App but I think it was closer to 11 but it felt great.  What What in the Bottom (trying to be G rated)?  I wasn't pushing, but my pace felt great.  It was mid 80s and unlike last weeks run it felt comfortable. 

The Rock N Roll Marathon/Half was in Denver this weekend.  I've read and heard that it was well organized and a much better way to see Denver than the Colfax.  I may run this one next year, but I'll have to see how the first one goes before committing to too many things. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello Fall, remembrance and getting remotivated...

I say this having never ran during the fall.  I say this having only began running right as Spring was approaching this year, but I say this because fall is a great time of year.  It is football season, the weather is cooling down a little so I can run anytime from sunrise to night time and not be freezing or burning up during a run.

I will always have a sadness for this time of year due to what happened last year in losing my father-in-law on October 6th.  That day and when there is a cold, strong wind will always bring my spirits down but to be honest, running has helped keep me positive and make me think of more pleasant times with him.  I got done with my run last night and was thinking about the last time I saw him and all the good and bad things of that week.  This next month is not going to be easy for my in-laws but all I can do is be there for them and try to bring some comfort.

I have not been motivated the past couple weeks.  Last week I missed a run.  It was the second run I've missed in 6 months, though the first one I attribute to keeping an injury from occuring with some ITBS issues that were stirring.  Last week I just couldn't find the time or push to say you have to do this.  Last night, I could have, but even though it was late, I needed to get my gear on and hit the pavement.  I believe my run Tuesday at lunch and last night proved to me that I am faster on my marathon pace than I thought or expected I'd be and that once I am out there, I don't want to stop running, I just want to keep going.  To not frighten my wife for being gone for another 30 minutes and to not hurt myself right before I ramp up, I have held back and just ran.

This is my last week of my LIFE running as my Uncle/running mentor/LIFE mentor has put it.  It is what I will be doing as my weekly excercising of roughly 20-24 miles a week.  I have enjoyed it but I think I needed a challenge and ramping up for the last 21 weeks of my training is that challenge to get me out of this flat part of the plateau.  I am ready to start climbing this long mountain to being prepared for my marathon.  I truly believe I will accomplish under 4:00 hours for my marathon and think with my improvement, barring injuries or illness, I will be able to truly have at least a 3:45 as a realistic goal.  Currently just under 4:00 is a realistic goal if I don't improve.  Here's to the last two runs before I go to 5 days a week and at least 30 miles a week!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Personal Running Questions...

First before you read this, read this Today's First Blog Post since it was my overview of the last few days and I enjoyed writing it.  And to go along the lines of a person that discusses pooping and running.  I once again stole this from the Shut Up and Run blogger SUAR

Here are her 10 questions and my responses in my 6 months of running:

1. Best Run Ever-My first half.  It made me realize I can run 13 miles and still have extra in the tank and I beat my target pace by about 15 seconds a mile and finished in 1:51:51.

2. Three Words that Describe my Running-Exciting, Relaxing, Peaceful

3. My go to Running Outfit-Well, I feel like getting all chicky here since this sounds more for women but I'll say my Nike Running Shorts and a running shirt is all I care about.

4. Quirky Habit While Running-I tend to now drink every two miles so my body is trained for it since that's what most races seem to do is set up water every 2 miles.

5. Morning, Midday, Evening-My wife does not like it but I love to run at nights.  I am in a suburb neighborhood and area where I can run almost any distance and have well lit areas around me.  Only problem is there are coyotes around in some of those areas but I've never actually seen them in the neighborhoods or that close to them.

6. I won't run outside when it's-I have ran in every sort of weather but a cold windy rain doesn't sound like I'd be interested in tackling that day.

7. Worst injury and how I got over it-It's only been 6 months so nothing major but some ITBS tightness that I just rested and stretched/massaged it out.

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when-I completed my first 13+ mile run from Cedaredge area to Delta.  I also felt like a pussy because it was dark the first half of itin noted bobcat/mountain lion/coyote/bear country.

9. Next race is-Rock Canyon Half in December in Pueblo

10. Potential 2013 Running Goal-Continue improving, cut to under 160 and achieve my first ultimate running goal I joined with my brother and uncle of running a marathon.  Feb 12, 2013 in Myrtle Beach.  Reading about others injuries and sickness worry me though.

Does a Bear Shit in the woods??? (Losing a different sort of virginity)...

So, for those faint of stomach, I will let you know part of this blog is going to go into a topic you don't want to hear about, Poop, Crap, SHIT!!!, etc. but I will give you warning before I go "there".

I took off last week from work from Wednesday on.  The family and I went to the zoo, up to Idaho Springs and hung out a lot.  It was nice, but it never seems like you do as much as you'd like when you have time off.  I thought there would be more relaxing and sleeping but with a 3-yr old that has become an insomniac, I believe that is impossible.  Now I need a day off just so I can sleep.

Other things that happened was watching CU get torn apart by a MWC team and realizing it's already time to pull the plug on this staff IMO.  I also attended my high school friend's, Nate Rehm, wedding.  My wife wasn't too intent joining me for a wedding where she only knew the groom and hadn't seen him but at our wedding, so I went solo.  It was at Boettcher Mansion which I had not visited and I have to say, that is a beautiful residence and beautiful setting to have a wedding.  It was gorgeous, but fuck did I feel like a loner/loser/whatever else you want to call it and I am not one to be uncomfortable but I felt like Owen Wilson when he was crashing weddings on his own without the acting like a jackass part.  I blew my budget on escort girls and I heard Julia Roberts prices have increased from the 80s so going solo was the only way to go.  Oh well, I went to see one of my friends that I care about get married and it was a beautiful wedding and well done.  How can you not enjoy a Mac and Cheese bar, finger desserts of every kind and open bar?  Congrats, Nate Dogg. 

Back to the zoo, I am usually not one for the zoo because the animals don't do anything but they must have got the brown bears/grizzlies from the Circus or from some Asian zoo where they perform in order to get fed because they made the zoo well worth it.  They were sniffing all the small children from across their moat since they were covered in sugar and probably smelled like Honey Smoked Salmon (product placement, can I get some free Honey Smoked Salmon from the CO based Honey Smoked Fish Company in CO for that well placed marketing?).  They were waving and standing up (and pissing) from the scent of some delicious children.  You could tell parents were like cute but keeping their kids close in case the bears decided it'd be worth attempting a jump to try those delicious kiddies!  We skipped out of the rest of the zoo quickly.  Denver needs to work on getting some water creatures.  I saw no polar bears or sea lions (this has been occuring regularly to where they used to be staples of the zoo when I was growing up).  The large primate area was the quickest we went through.  I mainly ushered Sophie out of the Orangutan area because I was not willing to have my child exposed to a masturbating orange primate while other parents seemed to be clueless.  That can be saved for when one of her friends in elementary ruin it for her while youtubing it on their iPhone15stk and we have to explain what she saw.

So I've been delaying it, but it's time to talk about my running.  I only did 3 days last week.  I am not proud, but not worried.  I planned on bumping up mileage in 2 weeks and feel it is time, plus Saturday's run beat the shit out of me (pun intended and I was fine just taking Sophie to the park and grocery shopping).  So my two shorter runs went well last week.  I did one at night.  I did the other right before the local middle school was getting out I came to realize and did my Yasso 800s averaging 3:50 pace.  I only did 5, but after not doing speed training for the last month, I was glad to see my Yassos were stronger than they were before my 1/2 marathon.  So Saturday...  Well, I waited to get my long run in because I got to bed late from getting the dog and heading to the in-laws and Andi needed to go to the doctor in the morning, so I decided I'd run while Sophie napped in the early afternoon.  Only, it was hot, 82-84 when I decided to do my run and I was hungry from only snacking on a couple pieces of bacon and having a banana so I decided to have a burrito and nachos from Taco Bell (Registered TM) and figured I'd have some fuel then.  Yeah, fuel is a nice way to put it.  So I prepped for my long run as Sophie went down for a nap and after we put away our stuff from the night before/morning of staying at the in-laws.  I felt full and slow.  My gut had been giving me issues since pizza at Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs.  Their pizza is great and it's fun to go there but I swear they put 10x the fiber normal wheat crust has and add ex-lax to their cheese like my friends did to the pasta salad all the coaches ate before a football game in high school.

I was finally running from 96th and Buckley to 56th and Buckley.  This is an old road that's been closed to the public for years but is now considered a trail for the Arsenal trail that goes along the trail.   The trail is pretty poor along 56th I've seen from the road and pretty poor once you get to about 76th on this old road.  On 56th you can at least run along a sidewalk until the trail picks up again near Dick's Sporting Goods park (another product placement, though I like my 20% off Sports Authority coupons and their clearance gear more) to where there is a 1.5 mile stretch where this trail is just a potholed, weed filled old road where you could roll an ankle and be left for the coyotes if you aren't careful.  The run from 56th to 96th is great because it's like one nice climb the first half of the 5 miles and then downhill the second half, so it's a nice there and back.  Only I could not think of that.  I was thinking, you are definitely not going too hard because you are over 10:15 pace which is okay for a long run but a little slow for skinny Andy/Ace, but was fine for 180 lb Ace.  I didn't care.  (Descriptive area of my feelings and actions starts now!!!) My main goal was keeping from puking up that 5-layer burrito or keeping it from exiting into my shorts.  I felt like if I puked I'd feel better but the only time I find puking easy is when I mix beer and hard alcohol or wheat beer so I knew that wasn't likely.  I felt like I may be able to handle the run all the way back when I felt better briefly about 3/4 mile from 56th.  I think that is the calm before the storm you get when you have stomach issues and it was.  As soon as I saw 56th clearly, I knew I could not make it more than another mile without some issues.  Luckily I had  taken my Uncle's advice of carrying toilet paper.  Unlike past runs where I knew I'd be passing places I could relieve myself, this was a trail I knew I'd be lucky to.  There was a port-a-pottie at 56th but it was enclosed around this fence that looked difficult to traverse and like there may be and I knew cops kept an eye on this area pretty good from travelling 56th to get to Pena or even Aurora/Montbello area when I coached, so I said, it's time to lose your outdoor shitting virginity.  This may come as a surprise, but I've never pooped outside before.  Yes, me the notorious pooper that talks too much about my shitting experiences.  I ran to the nearest tree that provided some cover and that wouldn't allow anyone without binoculars to see what was going on and relieved the pressure.  It was not pretty but felt great being able to run without that worry.  I ran the next couple miles at a good pace back up the little hill.  I was feeling fine until about 1.5 miles left.  It was hot.  My Powerade/water mix was warmer than piss and my gut was saying, you didn't think you were off the hook did you.  I ran a good pace for the last 1.25 miles but with a quarter mile or so I stopped dead in my tracks and walked it home.  I knew that a few more hard pounds on the pavement and I'd have the shit walk of shame with crap running down my leg like I was in Kindergarten (and 2nd grade).  After the 2nd one, I have not been afraid to take a shit anywhere because that was embarrassing.  Unfortunately more so from my family than for the poor kid in after school that everyone said had shit himself and I joined in on him instead of taking the blame.  Yes, it is never funny to be known as the guy that shit himself, especially when you went to the same school for 7 years at that time.  I made it home, I finally felt fully relieved and my body was mad.  I ran when it was too hot, I did not fuel adequately or intectually and I paid the price but was prepared for it and it showed me to be smarter in the future and prepare me for my marathon.

Monday, September 10, 2012

30 Mile Week and GU/HydraPak Giveaway...

First, I'll plug another product through another blogger, because I'd like to be a winner someday!!!  It's about the GU products and HydraPak.  Read the Barefoot Inclined Giveaway now to learn more about these workout/running products.

Well, it was a weird 30 miles but I am counting it.  After only running 3 days the  week before because of a tight ITBS and my ADT Relay Labor Day with the Harrington Harriers (FYI, I did e-mail the race director and let them know they were about 13.5 minutes off on my actual time, so they just rounded up to 15, still beating my 1/2 marathon pace!!!) I got 30 in this past week.  I ran my 7.75 mile leg but added about 3 miles of other runs running frp, Checkpoint 2 to my cousin and trailing my Uncle and then about a mile and change, thus I am saying 10.  Then I rested after being tempted to run Tuesday but too tired to wake up and did 4 Wednesday.  Again tempted to do more Thursday but schedule did not allow, so I had in my mind I'd do 5 Friday aternoon and 11 on Sunday to give me 30.  Well, I somehow forgot my work key that morning and decided after carb loading (donut and bagel), I'd run until I knew someone would be in.  It was Friday and the usual early person was out of town so I figured I could get 8-10 miles in and hope I could live with not having as much water on hand as usual.

I started and followed a couple for the first 1/2 mile once I got on the Cherry Creek Trail.  I noticed their pace was about 9:00/mi and thought if you are going to do 8, is that smart?  Oh well, I kept running at that pace.  I got past Holly, then Monaco and the Quebec.  I have ran this path many times especially during spring when I first started my training/life transformation.  When I ran the 3-4 miles on this path, I was like, wow, you went a far way.  I was doing 10 minute miles to 11 min/mi at that time and they were LONG runs.  LOL.  When I got to Quebec that was actually the furthest east I had run but that would have put me at less than 5 and I felt amazing and had a long ways to go to cover 8 miles or longer.  I got to Iliff and was like, wow, this is going well with limited water.  I missed one part in describing this morning.  Amazing, it was a fall weather day.  Cool with enough chill that my hands needed a mile to feel warm, that hasn't been the case for many mooons.  When I got to Iliff, I would have been at just over 6.5 had I turned back.  That wasn't an option.  I realized I had drove to this area a couple times to do an inspection at Cherry Creek Golf Club and shortly after that I saw those ridiculously large houses with the NO TRESPASSING signs littering the creek along the golf course.  The amount of bikers was quite a bit but it was near work time and I figured they had a much quicker route to work on two wheels than two feet.  I didn't care much for the bikers, as usual since few are as friendly as the walkers and runners I have seen in my 6 months, I now wanted 10 miles and that came at a great time.  I had passed the entirety of the golf course and the path was ugly the next mile until it got to Havana and those neighborhoods and there was this awesome bridge that went into a neighborhood that served as a great turnaround point and put me at 5 miles!!!  I ran back with less than 10 ounces of water and only drank about 20 for the entire run.  Usually I need fuel of some sort if I go over 8 but felt awesome.  I averaged just over 9 miles the entire run.  It was a great start to the weekened.

Unfortunately CU is still awful and put a damper on Saturday, but spending the entire day with the family before, during and after the game helped ease the pain.  Yeserday was a nice day of hanging with Sophie while Andi shopped with a work buddy.  Sophie and I had fun.  Unfortunately her being sicks and talking all game made her voice escape her and she was raspy all day.  I also got the chance to cheer up with a Broncos win and a great 7 mile run last night, putting me over 30 miles for the first time.  I only plan on 25 the next couple weeks before ramping up to 30 every week until tapering down.  Should be fun.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

17 Again??? Or is it 16 again?...

I check my weight at least twice a day.  I always did when I was in HS and whenever I had a scale readily available, around when I started coaching wrestling a number of years ago.  Even when I was over 200 and over 210 I did.

Today I weighed 163 when I got up.  The last time I weighed that was probably a month after wrestling season my junior year in March 1998 when I was 16, approaching 17.  14.5 years!!!  I don't want to get much below 160 for my marathon (estimating 155), but I didn't expect to be under 165 until October.  It brought up a lot of memories of losing weight when I was in HS.  I was fortunate compared to most wrestlers, I had more of a fat supply to burn so I would cut pounds not trying.  I started football junior year at 180, by the time the end of the season hit I was weighing 165.  My football coaches were furious saying that I committed to football, why had I started cutting weight for another sport.  Thinking back, maybe that's why they benched me for a game when I missed a pointless 5-minute meeting and had never missed anything in 3 years.  Hmmm.  The truth is, I didn't cut the weight, I just lost it.  My body gets a big kick start when I decide to add a fair amount of excercise to it.  So it comes of little surprise to me that I continue to shed pounds, though I keep eating regularly and enjoy some of the finer things in life like a cinnamon roll once a week. 

Well, I ran yesterday and also read about a marathon man that was more like a marathon fraud man.  It was a great read about a man in his mid-40s that had made up races, shortcut races and what not to try to run sub-3:00 marathons in each state for a fictitous cause for his son with Cystic Fibrosis.  Here is the story from the New Yorker (Kip Litton-Marathon Fraud???).

As for my run, it went great.  I ran 4 miles with all sub 9:00 splits, averaging 8:43/mi.  The weather is beginning to cool, but at 75 degrees and the sun beating down on me, I still was sweating up a lake at the end of my run.  I think I have got used to this warm weather and running.  Curious to see how my body adjusts as the chill of fall continues to creep in.  And with fall comes football, another great reason to get excited for the upcoming months!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ADT Marathon Relay and Labor Day weekend...

This weekend started off poorly.  I admittedly drank stupid drunk on Saturday before the CU-CSU game.  I know my limit, but exceeded it.  I didn't puke and wasn't close but I wasn't a 31 year old.  It made the game less enjoyable but it would not have been anyway.  CU was outcoached and outplayed.  McElwain already appears to make better adjustments than a coach on his 2nd year.  Of course McElwain has many years of experience and is coming from the most successful program in college football over the last few years in Alabama.  CU's staff could learn a lesson about patience, play calling and adjustments.  Their team was motivated and played smart, discilpined football.  It was not a good start to the weekend.

Sunday was a day planned to help my mother-in-law sand and paint her deck.  We were exhausted so we slept in a little and we were about 30-45 minutes behind schedule all day it seemed.  The deck took longer than planned and I kicked over the can of paint and it was just a mess.  I was glad to get it done, but it was one of my tougher days on a day I thought would be a little relaxing mentally, things just didn't go well.  I went to bed at 10:45.  There was an alarm set for 3:45.  Oh joy!!!

That brings us to the ADT Marathon.  My Aunt's knee was not cleared by the doctor so I subbed for her in the Harrington Harrier Marathon Relay team.  I won't lie, I was excited to be part of it but wish I could have had a 4th day off or make yesterday an additional 4 hours to make up for how crazy yesterday was.

I woke up just before 4, showered (yes, I shower even before I get all stinky) and took the dog out and was gone just before 4:20.  All you potheads, I am sorry to disappoint I wasn't talking about your 4:20 and why you found this blog.  I figured a drive and 48 oz of water would allow me to get to Colorado Springs at a decent time to pick my Uncle just after 5:30 and to take care of business.  Wrong!!!    Oh well, I felt alright there anyway.  I got to the starting area with my Uncle just before 6:15.  Too bad we waited 5 minutes or so for a train to pass because by the time I got prepared, it was just after 6:20.  My Uncle thought the start time was 6:30.  I could have sworn the website said 6:45.  There didn't seem to be much rush when I hit the port-a-pottie line at 6:25.  Stop here and start at the next paragraph just below the other bolded area if you don't want details about port-a-potties.  When I got in there at 6:30, I suddenly heard people yelling instructions.  Port-a-potties at football games (someone needs to not eat corn and drink the next morning please) and these events (runners weird diets and their eating habits lacks a solid crap it seems) are disgusting and the one place, even me the poop anywhere guy, I find it tough to do so though I will if I have to.  It is nice that they added a urinal side for the guys so we don't have to look at what's in the toilet.  I feel sorry for women that they have no choice.  I was debating heavily if this was a time I'd just go #2 and I was prepared to do so but with no voices outside the port-a-pottie and someone that shits like a cat spraying the wall, seat, etc, it wasn't even worth a wipe-down to relieve myself and I knew my stomach could now handle 7.5 miles and not be an issue "there" after many long runs.  I decided to just pee and head out.  Done with the port-a-potty talk. 

It was vacant area around the port-a-potties and I expected to at least some relay teams since I saw a few teams that decided to send off their runner together.  I didn't see anyone but spectators and these teams as I crossed the trail to see the marathoners headed down towards me.  SHIT!  Do I wait or do I go?  I ran to the end of the marathoners.  No one was getting close to the start and I had seen a couple other relay green bibs in the group, so I just took off about 10-15 seconds after the last runner.  I should have asked but could not see volunteers and my mind was wandering, should I have started.  Nope, but oh well I guess.  I ran the first mile like a light jog on a long run since I was at the back of all the 4 hr to 5 hr marathon group and felt like I was at the GTIS/Bolder Boulder having to pass runner after runner.  I felt like a dick knowing that I probably started early and I was passing all these people trying to finish 26.2 miles, not a measily 6.75, wait 7.5, who knows? (Get to that part later).  I got to the Mile 1 marker and it opened up after running past the last pace group of 4:00 hours at the 3/4 mile area.

Off-topic:After reading a lot about marathons and these pace groups, I wish these events had something besides the Under 34 age group Boston Qualifying groups.  Not everyone is trying to BQ and not everyone wants to run 4:00 hours to 5:30 hours.  I have changed my visions to 3:45 and Myrtle Beach (my first marathon in February) and most marathons I see concentrate on the 4:00 hours and over and the BQ group.  I do have to say Myrtle should be interesting since they have a women's group qualifier and a lot of long straight aways with no elevation difference so I may be able to see that 3:35 groups flag bobbing up and down down the road.  Anyway, to float back down to earth and talk about the race.

My head was not in it if I did not say that.  I felt like an ass still for passing people I knew had a long road trail ahead of them compared to mine.  The trail was very nice the first few miles.  I knew my pace was solid but not great.  My ears felt pressure like when I am up past 10,000 feet and like in a plane.  It was weird and made my feet pounding on the ground and breathing feel awkward.  I kept pushing anyway.  At Mile 2, I needed liquid, I settled for Gatorade.  Had to stop, I just can't drink on the go easily and may have to have a squeeze bottle for the marathon if I don't want to stop.  Stopping with exhausted legs to get water worries me.  There was a guy that must have started the relay right before me that was sitting back and passed me right before or after this since I knew I had passed him in the small path around Palmer Lake and no one else was behind me when I took off other than the relay runners that got it right.  His speed must have made the marathon people even more like WTF.  How did a relay guy already catch me?!  I knew he was going to bonk on his leg of a relay when I had got closer to him with a little over a mile left after I hadn't seen him the previous 2 miles.  You could tell he had ran 10ks and wasn't built for longer runs and figured an extra half mile at that pace, he figure he'd kill it no problem.  At that magic 10k marker, I almost caught him with his stroll much slower.  I got within 200 yards probably and was hoping to catch him.  No luck with that but I stayed within 200 yards after he caught his 2nd wind.  Right around this 10k mark, I also had a guy BLAZE past me.  He probably started on time and was under 6 minute miles if that was the case.  Damn!!!  I can fortunately say that no one caught me after that and my Uncle had us in mythical second place since the 10k guys other team member had not arrived yet.  Oops!

Before I talk about the rest, I have to say, the notification for the change in distance did not affect me, but to someone that had never done more than 6, but wanted to gut out 3/4 mile more for their leg, the change to another mile on top of that extra 3/4 mile could not have been fun.  The start was confusing and I should have asked someone.  Palmer Lake is dried up and that was sad to see after seeing the views in Georgetown.  My run was great and I wish I had been able to figure out my bathroom issues and started with the other relay runners, but was glad to get ahead of them so I didn't start out too fast thinking I needed to keep up with 6:00/mi and even 7:00/mi types.  I am an 8:00/mi guy at that distance right now if I am going full go and I think I was around 8:15/mi so I am not too disappointed.

Anyway, my Uncle gutted out some nice rolling hills that also were the most beautiful part of the run and coolest part seeing parts of the AFA nearby.  With his coaching football and everything else going on, he had not trained how he'd want to and he was right around 7:00/mi for the toughest parts of the relay.  I tried to keep up with him as he ran the first mile of the 3rd leg of the relay to get to my cousin Emily waiting just beyond Mile Marker 17.  She was under the weather and ran a solid 5 miles.  I got to the 3rd/4th transition leg with my Aunt and cousin Katee.  She had to be the youngest runner (in probably the whole competition) and we saw Emily and Tim right around 2:50.  We were doing well.  Katee is young and as tentative as I was to push a 4 mile run when I got into what I though was a longer distance of anything 4 miles or more.  The good thing is the last 1/2 mile, she whipped into high gear and was an 8:00 pace the last 1/2 mile after not knowing how far she could push the first 3.5.  Our "official time" on the website says, 3:32:54.  I'd like to claim that but my leg was an additional 13 or so minutes more than that and I am going to say we finished in 3:46-3:48ish.  Still a respectable time considering that would have placed us 4th out of 15 co-ed teams.

Some humorous things I heard: I can't run without my headphones.  That lady is wearing Skechers.  She's going to run a full marathon in Skechers.  Some teams started early (I admittedly said I was one of them), so I don't care if they are ahead because they ran with the marathoners.  After reading marathoners blogs, I heard a fan say, you're almost there at the 22 mile mark????  Seriously lady, I am surprised that person wasn't like, STFU?!??!  A marathon runner never wants to hear this unless they are 0.2 miles away.  I can see why, 4.2 miles is not almost there when you have no legs and are exhausted and ready to quit.

It was a great experience being able to be part of a relay with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle.  I wasn't as attractive as my Aunt running, but I hope I did her leg proud.  I really enjoyed seeing my first marathon in person.  It let me see the group I strive to be by February and the pains, triumphs, and everthing else in between of a marathon.  I saw a K-State runner at Mile 22 that was done.  I felt awful for him.  There were people at the finish line that looked like they were like hell no, never again, others that looked like they had won the state title in wrestling and others that were a mixture of those feelings.  To see the pain in some of those peoples bodies be it legs, backs, etc. wow, even more respect for people that have ran that far.

I tried to hurry home and beat my mom there.  For some reason, she figured she needed an appointment to see her grand daughter.  It was awkward and I won't get too much into the discomfort of family drama off my blog, but I want her to see Sophie more and I was glad she could spend a couple hours with her.

I didn't have much time this weekend to enjoy Sophie and our family since I had my fantasy football draft later that night at 4:30.  I look forward to just running when I can and spending much more time with Sophie and Andi next week.  I definitely had a day of not being around them yesterday and while I enjoyed the events I did yesterday, the the biggest part of my life was missing in my wife and kid and that's not how I want it to be.