Monday, August 5, 2013

Dog Days Half Recap & Review (THINGS NOT TO DO BEFORE A RACE)...

I wish I could say that this race went as planned and leave it at that.  I instead get to share what not to do before a race and make a fool of myself.  Hopefully it will help you not do some of these dumb things when you are prepping for a race.

I woke up just before 5.  I had my race bib pinned and clothes out the night before.  I wanted to wake up so I got a shower. Yes I am a rare breed. I don't like smelling worse after a race so I like to be clean before. Now I don't before a morning run but a race yes. It was 530 before I got out after band-aiding the nipples (Note: I still use the 3M NexCare Waterproof band aids and they are the best thing. They stick to the skin and don't come off after any run. The key is to not touch the other side at all. Otherwise put new ones on right away.), getting dressed and taking the dog out. Felt okay for time but I am always last minute and by the time I had gott coffee, bagel and sorts drinks it was nearly 6. I finished all these in 10 minutes and tried a bathroom break. It didn't do much other than make it 6:20. I left and was still needing to get gas. It was 6:25 before I left the Kimg Soopers by my house near Reunion. Oh crap!  I was cutting it close and my gut was full. I talked to my mom the whole way there and got there about 6:45 but decided rather than a port-a-poo waiting line I would hurry through Caribou Coffee. I felt relieved but it was now about 6 til. I drove the half mile to the parking lot and ran 1/2 a mile to the start after a quick Vasoline application and swig of Powerade. I felt full. I was starting in the last 25 people and knew I set myself up poorly by eating too many carbs and not getting my liquids in until much too late but we were off!!!

I started out a little fast but comfortable pace. I was passing people at a high clip. Around Mile 1.5 I had passed all but probably 50 of the 215 people running.  Things kept going well and the people thinned out on the course and everyone found their rhythm  I felt strong and was doing well uphill.  Problem is my gut kept telling me, idiot, I am full I don't want water or sports drinks.  I want you to empty these carbs.  At Mile 4 I was considering a stop but felt strong.  A mile and a half later I felt strong but knew I needed to get to the Aid Station at 7.25 miles.  When I saw it I was euphoric.  I had only seen about 5 people pass me on their way back and could see there wasn't too many ahead.  I was probably in the Top 40 runners and within my 1:50 goal time.  I did my business and the legs felt good and I had a bump in my step until a 1/2 mile later where I knew my gut was not okay.  I needed to use that aid stations port-a-poos again and I knew there was no chance at 1:50 but I could still keep it under 1:55 maybe.  I finally felt somewhat better but hydrating still was a pain.  My stomach was full and I just couldn't push past my marathon pace even though my legs felt strong and I was not winded at all.  I felt comfortable.  I passed some people that were struggling the rest of the way and kept up with a lady I chatted with briefly about missing her first BQ by less than half a minute due to having to relieve herself.  By her hat, I could tell she had qualified at a later time so obviously she can just use it as a story.  I got ahead of her at about Mile 11 and was ahead until the last 1/2 mile when my legs could not push because I was now dehydrated from by bathroom breaks.  While she and one other guy that passed me had a last push, I was just trying to not cramp.  I crossed the finish line and knew I had beat 1:55, so I felt alright.  My official time was 1:53:22.  I know I spent at least 4 minutes in the port-a-poos and probably could  have ran a 1:48 or so if I had ate smarter.

I feel good.  I ran a time that was respectable with all the issues.  I didn't feel like I was truly pushing it like I have in a couple of the harder parts of my runs on Tuesday mornings with my Uncle Tim.  The course was beautiful with the temperatures in the 60s to 70s, a cooler July morning.  The sun cleared from the clouds though and I could feel the heat increase by 10 degrees pretty fast.  The organizers did a good job of having the course labeled (though I was very familiar with the trail so it was easy for me) and had plenty of volunteers.  They gave away a ton of free swag and had a good amount of food and other post race things for a half, 10k and 5k.  I think their numbers should increase for next year.  The only negatives I would say is that the 3Plenish electrolyte mix was awful and 99% of people know Gatorade or PowerAde as their electrolyte replacements.  It wasn't just my stomach having issues but the taste of the powder.  The other was not having a clock at the finish and one at like mile 7-10.  That was the only two negatives I could say for this event.  Otherwise I was very pleased with how it was ran and All Out Multisport will be in business with races and other events for years to come and will  have me as a competitor again for sure.

Last, huge props to my mom.  She showed up and waited for me through 10:40 even with my tardiness and other issues going on, she picked me up and it was good having someone to talk to and hang out with while I waited for all the other events to happen.  She has been a good supporter of me changing around my LIFE and we are planning on doing a half together where I hope I can help push her through it even when she's feeling like she is done.  She has lost 15 lbs in the last year and really started to increase her activity level doing over 15 miles in a week.  I am very proud of her and excited to be able to do a half with her later this year.

So onto what's happened since and what is next... I ran 50 miles this past week. I was hoping for 60 but with a trip to the Western Slope and back within 48 hours, it's never easy to get miles in with a packed weekend schedule.  Fortunately I did 20 miles Thursday night.  My calves were shot at the end.  The last 2 miles were not easy.  I like the compression socks but am starting to wonder if winter running are better suited for them or to use as recovery for a few hours after a long run.  They almost feel to restrictive like they are causing blood flow issues for the rest of my legs.  I have 55-60 miles planned this week.  I plan on doing a 22 and then 11 miles of Yasso training.  I have all 7 days planned to run, so we shall see.  I am going to try my long run without the OTC2.0 Injinji's just to see the difference in how I feel.  After this week, I'll dive into what my taper is and what my realistic and perfect race goals are for the ADT Marathon.  Until then, enjoy the run, not the runs.

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