Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I've neglected you...

To my very few readers (if any, since I may just be typing to myself) and to my blog, I am sorry for my neglect.  Yes, I started a blog about a half dozen times and then I deleted every single one of them.  I just didn't find my running interesting and doubted that others had as well.  But since my last blog was still in summer it seems and we've gone right to a wintery time, I figured I better get back on board.

I have ramped up my running.  My toughest challenge is that elusive fifth run.  I have missed it in two consecutive weeks.  It is early in my training but let's be honest, I  am not one for excuses and I decided to start this challenge and I intend to finish it.  I have decided to do 6 runs this week.  I only did four last week, so I owe it to myself.  Of course one of the four was a 20 mile run through snow/sleet/cold weather/light wind but it was a great experience and instead of saying, yeah I am finished, I was thinking, I wish I could go another 10.  Running has become a source of enjoyment I never imagined possible.  I used to run sprints in wrestling and football and I knew I could handle it.  I would go as fast as I needed to but I would never have to run more than a minute.  When I ran longer distances for training, I would always ask when am I done instead of what it has now become of when can I do more?  It is not easy balancing family, work, running and other responsibilities, but I have found a love for running. 

It is crazy to think about but my Uncle Tim, Brother Alex and myself and only 3 months and a few days from toeing the line together.  Well, my Uncle will be in a wave about 1000 runners ahead of me, I'll be somewhere in the middle and my brother will start with me and we'll see how things go from there.

So in the last month and a half I have done 7 consecutive 30+ mile weeks with 3 of those being 35 mile weeks.  The 40 mile week is next week.  I should have plenty of time from Thanksgiving to Sunday to get in that long run.  I am tempted to run from Boulder to Broomfield after the CU game.  Now will it be plausible?  I am not sure. 

Things I have learned in the past 6 weeks:
  • The weather drops 15-20 degrees within 30 minutes.  I ran last night after leaving work at 4:30 and got up near the house just after 5 and it went from 50 to low 30s that quickly.  I was cold the first mile of my run, but felt great the rest of the way.
  • I (and marathoners) am (are) insane.  I saw a handful of people out walking their dogs during my 3 hours and change run but that was when the weather had cleared up for a little.  Unlike weeks past, the bikers, walkers and others were not noted.  Marathoners are crazy running in these conditions.
  • I am ill equipped for the cold or dark.  I need more reflective clothing and definitely something I can wear to keep me warm for my shorter runs.  My cold gear top and bottom are AWESOME, but a warm jacket and some pants are probably needed as well as gloves.
  • Colorado can't decide its weather from hour to hour, so I better be prepared for whatever hour or condition it is and have gear for all occassions.
  • The human body is amazing.  I ran 20 miles, 18 miles, 17 miles, 16 miles and 15 miles twice.  I never imagined with less than 24 oz water and only about 150 calories consumed during those runs that my body could feel so amazing after the fact and me not be opposed to more.
  • Old worn down shoes can cause aches that aren't needed.  My old shoes have very noticeable wear and probably close to 700 miles on them.  I ran with my new ones this past week and they are a savior.  My ankle, knees and other aches were much less these last few days.
  • Last, I am excited for another run and especially the long run.  Only doing 15 and then back up to 20.


  1. Wow.. you are cranking the mileage! I chose a 16 week plan with 3 runs a week as it seems any more than that and I seem to develop issues. And yes, training for a marathon in the winter is a tough call in Colorado! I have to do my long runs in the early morning to finish before starting work... ramping my way up to 20.. this week is 14.. but it's going to be dark and cold starting at 430 am :-)

    Good luck! Which marathon are you running?

  2. Yeah, a comment from my first follower. LOL. Hey Jeff, I am running the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February. My brother lives in Concord (15 mi outside Charlotte) and it's close to him. My Uncle has ran around 15 marathons and is a great mentor. I love the long runs and am able to get those in on a weekend. I don't have enough cold gear to get up at 4:30 and run in the dark and cold. Stay warm and have great runs (just not the ones in your pants :)). Which marathon are you doing?

    I love flip-flops and have ran in them around areas. I'll have to send a PM discussing your bare foot thoughts some more and look in your blog archives.

    1. Hey Andy... I signed up for the Carlsbad Marathon in CA...its at the end of January.. figured it would be a nice break from the CO weather at that time, plus hopefully a turbo boost by running at sea level...

      And yeah, as for barefootin.. I did some miles in the summer, mostly to reinforce the natural running form, but otherwise I'm in minimalist shoes... anything with a zero drop and flexible... shoot me a note if you have any questions, or check out the reviews etc.. thanks!